Sunday, November 16, 2008

Another One on the Way!

Hey guys,

I realize that it as been quite a while since I wrote anything, but have been following religiously. I enjoy seeing how everyone is doing. We have some more big news: We are going to have a baby boy!!! I am so excited. He is due roughly April 20th. We are actually only 90% sure that it is a boy. The way that the scheduling went with the doctor the normal 12 week checkup/ultra-sound was pushed back a few weeks. I guess that it was late enough that the doctor said that she could possibly tell and asked us if we wanted to know. Turns out that we have an exhibitionist. The doctor said that because it was so early that she was only 90% sure, and not to paint any rooms yet, but it would be okay to buy clothes and take bets.

We also had some new family pictures taken. Here are some samples:

The day that we took these was an interesting day. We were waiting at Old Main
Hill at Utah State for our photographer friend to come take the pictures. While we were waiting one of my professors, Dr. Calliendo (he has us call him Dr. Joe), was flying down the hill at about 30 mph on his bike. I yelled out to him and he put on his brake right then, fishtailed and his tire caught on the grass and he went flying over his handle bars. I ran down to him, about a hundred yards away, and when I got there he was out cold with blood all over his face. I finally got him woken up, but he had no idea where he was or how he got there. I told him who I was and what had happened. He remembered my name and it stuck with him, but he still wasn't sure who I was. He was able to give us his wife's name and number, so we called her and got to come get him. While we were waiting for her to come I introduced Lorie and Claire to him about 20 times and told him the story of how he got there another 20 times. It was very interesting. Also while we were waiting I remembered that his son (Frank Calliendo, not the comedian)is a professor as well so I called him to come down. Dr. Joe had no idea who his own son was. The good thing is that he was laughing along with us and being funny as usual. His wife got there and she took him to the hospital. Turns out that he had a massive concussion, broken nose and no memory of even being at the hill. It was a very interesting day.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings.