Monday, September 7, 2009

My Trip to Peru

Hey just wanted to update everyone on what I have been up to. I went to Peru with the Southern Cross Humanitarian group in June. We went to Peru to help out with an orphanage called "El Bichito" or little bug. We helped to build the second level of the orphanage and I was able to give all the kids dental exams. It was a really great experience. So I have some pictures to share.

These are two of the girls at the orphanage. They don't get their picture taken very often so they loved us to photograph them and then show them. We did that a billion times.

This little girl is named Diana and she was one of the youngest at the orphanage. She kept laughing at us and calling us something in spanish and none of us knew what she was saying so we would just laugh with her. Our interpreter told us later that she had been calling us all Pinochio because we had big noses. It was pretty funny!

We had a doctor and a nurse there giving physicals to all the kids.

Then of course this is me giving dental exams. We didn't have any supplies. I brought my own gloves and we were using a chair from the kitchen for them to sit on. I was kneeling on the ground and looking in their mouths with a flashlight.
We were the first group to visit them so they were pretty shy but by the end of the fourth day they were hugging us and holding our hands and playing games with us. It was so awesome. I am totally going to try to do something like this every year.