Thursday, November 22, 2007


I heard about this blog and so I checked it out. It's been great to see what's been going on with everyone and to see pictures of your families and everything else! I was also encouraged to post an update on myself. However; I warn you, my life right now is somewhat dull and revolves around school, work, church, and a little bit of a social life.

So, school. I am finally graduating from BYU this year with a Bachelors degree in Latin American Studies with a minor in Spanish. After a lot of debate and introspection, I decided not to continue in pre-medicine and will instead pursue law. International Law or Immigration call my attention right now. I may decide to intern with an NGO in Santiago, Chile, this next year and would be working in social, civil and human rights. Another exciting, but potentially dangerous option would be with another NGO in Guatemala, where I would also work in human rights.

Although I may complain about school, it has offered me a lot of great opportunities. Many of you know that I interned in Iquique, Chile, fall semester of 2005. More recently, BYU offered me a research grant to return to Chile. So, I spent most of the summer researching the effects of the dictatorship of Pinochet on religious groups, especially the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In other words, I spent the summer interviewing some amazing people! Currently, I am working with a professor to get my research published and prepare it to be presented in a research conference.

Enough of school. Work: it is sufficient to say that there is always a lot of it at General Electric. We'll leave it at that.

Church is exciting. Right now I serve as the Ward Clerk, which means Sunday is no longer a day of rest. But, I'm loving it! It never ceases to amaze me how perfect and inspired the organization of the Church is! My ward is AWESOME, and the bishopric is AMAZING! Early Saturday morning there is usually a group of us, including the bishopric and their wives, that go up to do a trail run. It is a lot of fun!

And last, but not least; I try to make some time for a social life, which consists of some dating, some hanging out-which I know has been discouraged-and making videos for (Everyone should check it out!!! Some of the stuff is hillarious!) It reminds me of the Kaysville Cow Project experience. And I think that perfectly concludes this post.


The Kaysville Cow Project said...

On, check out BEEEZ!!! and In Search of the Sasquatch. Those are some of my favorites.

Brooke said...

Ryan! Thanks for posting. I will definitely check out zoobynews one of these days. I think I added it to my Facebook profile, but haven't gotten around to viewing it yet.

You sound so grown up. It's crazy to hear about you pursuing law and trying to get published! What happened to little Ryan who used to keep an enema in his high school locker?! =)

terre said...

hey ryan it is good to hear from you, keep us posted on everything!

The Kaysville Cow Project said...

Ryan--I am with Brooke. You sound so grown up. It seems like just yesterday we were vice president janitors and now you're going to be a lawyer!