Tuesday, July 29, 2008

30 Weeks and Counting

I know that Jenni is down to four or five weeks now, and I'm not too far behind her. I am 30 weeks this week and will be having this baby in no more than nine weeks (gotta love those planned deliveries). But, Josh and I are in a quandry. We've made a list of names that we like, but nothing is really sticking out ahead of the rest. Do any of you have any girl name suggestions for us?


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Jordan and Ashlee Olson said...

Okay so Jordan makes fun of me because I have started making a list of names that I like (I work in a place where I see ALOT of names in the course of a day so when I see one I like I write it down) so anywho, here are a few girl names I think are pretty cute... Kaitlyn, Emmy, Andelyn, Madison, Ainsley(a little unconventional but I like it), Brinley.....I dont have my list with me and I can't think of anymore. You probably wont pick any of these but hopefully it will help.