Thursday, March 12, 2009

Not for the weak stomach!

Hey guys, just realized it has been FOREVER since I have posted on here. So I will give you all an update, since I am sure that you are dying to know what is going on with the Morton's. Sorry if this post is very long, it has just been a while.

We'll start with the youngest: Kyler. She is now 18 months and therefore she was able to start going to nursery! It has been so nice not having to fight with her during church now. She has been wanting to go for months now, and now she gets to go with her big brother, which they both love. She loves going and hasn't cried once since we've been taking her. She loves to play with Bennett and talks up a storm, much more than Bennett ever did. I think it helps having an older sibling to be around, because she says pretty much everything that Bennett says, it is pretty cute.

Bennett turned 3 on February 8th. He is working on potty training and doing really well, although he keeps taking his unders and pants off and peeing on his floor, not too happy about that since he obviously knows he needs to go potty enough to take his clothes off. He loves to play and chase our dogs around with his BIG truck! The dogs just love it too (just kidding one runs upstairs and the other tries to find safety). He is a big helper and fun to have around....most of the time.

I have been busy with working on my blog and trying to make some money for the household. It has been going really well and I have started to sell my bows and accessories at The Quilted Bear in Ogden. Thanks for the advertisement you all have done, I really appreciate it. And now for the fun part... a couple years ago I noticed a spot that looked like this :

I didn't think much of it, but was at the doctor for a follow up on something else and decided to ask about it. Well they thought it was a little suspicious and referred me to a dermatologist for a consult and biopsy. A few weeks later after that appointment the dermatologist called and told me it was basal cell carcinoma (aka skin cancer). Thankfully it is a better of the cancers to get because it gets larger, but it stays in the same location and doesn't spread to other parts of my body. So they ended up referring me to the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake because of the location of it and I had it removed last week. I thought it was going to be like a typical mole removal, but instead they have to keep digging out the cancer then they microscope it to see if they got it all and either dig some more or they are done, what a fun new experience! Here is what it looked like after the Moh's procedure:

I looked at it and it was pretty disturbing, Derek was pretty disturbed by it as well. Thank goodness for bandages. After that procedure they sent me home and then I had to go back to a plastic surgeon for the repair of it, which included a skin graft from behind my ear. So I was sent home with a giant bandage and eye patch, which was super annoying! The bandage is now off and I am doing well, it is still not very pretty to look at, but at least the cancer is gone and hopefully stays away! We tried to take pictures of how it looks now, but they didn't turn out very well.  Sorry for the long version, but how do you leave anything out? except for the gross pictures?

Now to Derek, he is doing pretty well at work (Mountain View Title) they have been doing well considering. He also is the scoutmaster, which leaves me at home a lot with the kiddos sometimes more than I would like. He still loves his sports and is a new member of facebook if any of you need some more friends =) 

Sorry about posting about fairly bad news, but at least someone posted for the month, right?!? 

I hope you guys are doing well!

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Brooke said...

Holy cow, Terre! I had no idea all this was going on with you. I definitely need to do a better job of keeping in touch. I'm glad you posted an update so we can all hear about what's going on with you guys. I hope the graft heals soon. Good luck!