Thursday, April 16, 2009

Party People... Did I miss anyone?

We need to get the word out for everyone to be checking into this blog so we can communicate. I don't have everyone's emails. I will list everyone I can think of who should be invited. Please don't be sad if I forget anyone, please just remind me and write it off to me being 2,000 miles away.

Kaysville Cow Party:
When: Saturday - May 23, 2009 @ 5 pm
Where: The Bean Residence
Bring your family and a topping for dinner.
I was thinking we could all contribute to Hawaiian Haystacks with a few other things on the side. We will also need plates, cups & drinks brought.

Let me know what you think.

Guest List: To be lengthened upon my memory improving! Obviously all families are invited!
Jenni & Brad Bond (Planning)
Terre & Derek Morton
Janneen & Chet Sanders
Brooke & Josh Johnson
Jordon & Ashley Olsen
Nick & Lori Newbold
Nick & Natalie Nielsen
Amber & Mark Pederson
Ryan & McKenzie Davies (just want my list to be complete)
Ryan Matheson
Jake Erickson
Kira & Dave Stefensen
Laura & Jon (Last name escaping me)
Natalie Carrigan

Thanks everyone! We hope to see everyone soon!!!


Ryan said...

We're sad we can't make it, but we'll have to plan another later on (mid-August)!

Brooke said...

Whit Hansen mentioned wanting to get together sometime. Is it okay if we invite him and his wife Rachel?

Terre said...

i'm in! thanks jenni

Brooke said...

Also, does anyone still talk to Emily? I don't have any of her contact info, but it would be fun to invite her and her family too.

Ryan said...

Her brother called me a while ago, randomly trying to contact Nick for something at Home Depot. He may have Emily's info.

Brad, Jenni, and Tylita said...

I have added Whit & Rachel Hansen and Emily to my guest list. I would like to send out an official email as soon as I feel like I have everyone's email. The people I don't have contact with are those two, Nick Nielsen, Jake, Ryan Matheson, Laura, & Natalie. Some of you I don't have your email but I do know your blog and know I can contact you there. If everyone could email me whether you think I have it or not. My email is This will be great to have a more official list. Thanks everyone,
Jenni =)