Sunday, July 5, 2009

Remember Us?

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July! We had fun visiting with Emily and her family at the fireworks. Can you guess which is Emily's and which is mine? (HA!)
Maddie and Allie are are about four months apart.
Detmer and Ashlyn are also about four months apart!
This is the best we could get all of them to pose for a picture. Yeah, they weren't having it!

Emily's brother-in-law got married when Jenni had her party, which is why Emily and I couldn't make it. We look forward to getting together with everyone in August! Emily is excited to come and she promises she is going to post on here soon:)

It's fun to read all the updates. I can never comment on here, and in fact I'm surprised I got this post to work. I tried once before and my pictures were turning out as text??? I guess I should speak too soon, I haven't actually hit "publish post" yet! Anyway, I also enjoy reading all the family blogs and keeping updated on everyone. I really think everyone should start one!

I need to update my picture on the side to include my new baby. Okay, not so new anymore. She is seven months now! I'll have to do that soon.
I'll be watching for details on the August get together!