Friday, October 5, 2007

Dave, Kira, and the kids!

This is my first time too, so let's see how this goes...

We are still living in Clinton, but planning on moving next week. We bought a house in Layton. We are very excited! We have LOVED living in Clinton. We never thought we would become so attached but we have made some of our best friends out here and it will be hard not living around the block, but we look forward to moving on and meeting new friends (while keeping the old, of course).

My little Allie turned 2 in August. It's freaking crazy how fast time goes! She is so much fun and keeps us entertained at all times. My baby Detmer is almost eight months. He is super fun. I really love this age. He loves all the attention he gets. He crawls everywhere and if he thinks he may be able to climb it, he tries. Out of the tub, out of his crib (luckily he is too little to succeed at these things yet). Last night he climbed onto the bottom shelf of my sister's entertainment center. We love that boy! Oh, and as long as Natalie mentioned BYU football, check this out,5143,695206501,00.html (I'm sure a lot of you saw that coming!) Detmer got to meet his namesake last month and it was such a blast! Dave still works at Fidelity Investments and loves it. I still stay home with my babies and I love it!

It was super fun to read about those who have posted and I can't wait until everyone else adds there post!

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Brooke said...

Where in Layton are you moving?