Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Janneen's Family

Hi everyone!! I'm very glad Brooke & Josh are so computer knowledgeable so they could get this Blog together--it's such a great idea!! It was fun to read about everybody & what they're up to.

(This is a picture of Chet & I on a cruise to Mexico in July of this year.)

I'm sure everybody knows pretty much everything about us, since not much has changed in the last little while. We're still living in good ol' Kaysville & we like it! Chet is working at Hertz in Bountiful, but is now the manager. That's great because he can drive a rental car home every day & it's free gas for us. Plus, I get to have a car at home all the time now, which is very handy. :) I get to be at home with my boys, Ryan Chet (3) & Clint William(1), which I love. We spend a lot of time outside & at parks because my boys love to play in the dirt. Clint has recently mastered his walking skills & prefers to walk around the block, instead of ride in his stroller. Ryan & Clint are finally starting to get to the point where they can play together without too many not-so-favorable incidents, so that's fun to watch. Some news that a few of you may not know is that we are expecting our third baby boy in February. We're really excited about that, but we may have to make a few changes when he gets here--car, sleeping situations, etc. (P.S.--does anyone have any secrets about how to make girls? We seem to be out of the loop on that one.)

I'm not doing any special crafts or hobbies or anything, but I spend a lot of time thinking about everything I want to fix up in our house. :) One day we may get to accomplish a few things on my list. I recently read the famed vampire books too & really liked them, especially Twilight. I also spend a lot of time fulfilling my calling as the Relief Society Secretary, & enjoy that as well.

That's pretty much it for us!! I'm excited to hear more about what everyone's doing!!


Brooke said...

That picture of you and the boys hiking is so cute! You're such a sporty mom. You should give me some pointers!

terre said...

both pics are way cute! how have you been feeling?

The Kaysville Cow Project said...

Brooke, that particular hike wasn't my idea, it was a neigbhor's. She has 2 boys too, & a little girl. It helps to have nature lovers as friends.

I feel great! I keep getting bigger & bigger & little Owen Glen (maybe, if Chet will agree) is a major kicker.

The Kaysville Cow Project said...

Neen--I LOVE the name Owen! So cute. And hey, you got such cute boys why change it up! You have such a cute little family!

The Kaysville Cow Project said...

Again I forgot to sign my name! How about we just say if nobody signed it, it's from Kira!