Sunday, October 7, 2007

Johnsen Family Update

Thanks Natalie, Terre, and Kira for blogging. I'm glad to see that this blog is starting to get used!

A lot of changes have happened this year for our family. Having Tanner, both of us getting new jobs, and moving have all made life change pretty drastically for us. Tanner is almost 8 months old. After having been born with a club foot, we were able to finally free his foot from casts and braces in August. He only has to wear his brace at night, which will continue until he's 4 years old. He's the cutest little bug and I just love him so much!

Since April, Josh has been working as the night operations manager at Home Depot. He's worked for them for nearly 5 years and enjoys himself. He's moved around to a lot of different departments and will soon be switching to days. This time around he will be the plumbing department manager. I'm excited for him to switch to days...but we may have to get a bigger bed because I've been used to having it all to myself during the week. =)

I still work at TaxWorks, but I switched departments at the beginning of August. I was in the Communications department working as a technical writer and editor. But, I decided that the best thing would be for me to be home with Tanner so I talked to one of the other department managers about me working in his department. He is over the Quality Assurance - Processing team so he's over all the CPAs and tax analysts. He thinks families are really important and was glad to help me out. My official title is Processing Helps Specialist, but really, I am still just doing technical writing like before. The difference with this job though is that I only work on one project (the helps for the tax software as they relate to preparing a tax return) instead of a zillion. And, the best part is that I work 100% at home. It's been really great because I get to be with Tanner all day, and Josh and I haven't had to arrange our shifts to make sure that there is someone to watch Tanner. My boss is great and I really enjoy not having to go into work everyday.

Josh is in school again this semester. He took the spring off because of having Tanner, and he's wishing time would just hurry up so he can graduate. He's majoring in English and hopes to finish in another couple of semesters.

Earlier in the year, my sister-in-law started a family quilting club. We've only had one gathering (things got busy and she got pregnant), but I made this quilt square. The other squares will have different patterns, but the colors are the same green and blue (although different fabric). I'm also working on a new Swedish weave blanket. I think this is the 10th one that I've done and I love it. (This image is of the most recent one I did. The one I'm working on is for autumn so it will have red, orange, green, tan, and black.)
Anyway, that's it for us for the moment. I'll be adding another post about my family's Oktoberfest that we're having next week. And I'll have to share a few pictures of Tanner in his Halloween costume, but we'll get to that as Halloween gets closer.

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The Kaysville Cow Project said...

I can't wait to see Tanner's Halloween costume! My favorite part of Halloween is the little cuties in their costumes! Great job on the quilting, it looks good! Kira